How to get WhatsApp green tick

How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps globally, and it’s no surprise that businesses and individuals are increasingly turning to the app to communicate with their customers and contacts. One important feature of WhatsApp is the green tick, which indicates that a message has been delivered and read by the recipient. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to get the coveted green tick on WhatsApp.
Enable Read Receipts
Firstly, to get the green tick, you need to enable read receipts in your WhatsApp settings. This option allows you to see when your message has been delivered and read by the recipient. To do this, go to Settings > Account > Privacy, and toggle on the Read Receipts option.
Ensure the Recipient has Read Receipts enabled
It’s important to note that the green tick will only appear if the recipient also has read receipts enabled in their WhatsApp settings. If they have disabled this option, you won’t be able to see when they have read your message. In this case, you will only see a single tick, indicating that the message has been delivered.
Send the Message
Once you have enabled read receipts and confirmed that the recipient also has this option enabled, it’s time to send the message. You can send a text message, photo, video, voice message, or any other type of media through WhatsApp.
Wait for the Green Tick
After you have sent the message, you will see a single grey tick next to the message. This indicates that the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone. If the recipient reads the message, the grey tick will turn into a green tick, indicating that the message has been read. Consider using other tools like WACTO’s WhatsApp API to confirm the message delivery It’s worth noting that while the green tick is a useful indicator that your message has been delivered and read, it’s not foolproof. There are cases where the green tick may not appear even if the message has been read, such as if the recipient has turned off read receipts, or if there is an issue with the recipient’s phone or internet connection. In such cases, it’s a good idea to use other tools such as a phone call or text message to confirm that the message has been received.
Avoid sending spam message
It’s important to note that WhatsApp has strict rules against spam messages, and sending such messages can result in your account being banned. To avoid this, make sure that you only send messages to contacts who have given you permission to do so, and avoid sending unsolicited messages or messages that may be considered spam.

Getting the green tick on WhatsApp is a simple process that requires you to enable read receipts, ensure the recipient has this option enabled, send the message, and wait for the green tick to appear. However, it’s important to note that the green tick is not a foolproof indicator of message delivery and read status. By following these guidelines, you can effectively use WhatsApp to communicate with your contacts and customers. The most simple way to get your WhatsApp green tick is just to give WACTO a call and we will take care of it.