Guhan Builders and Promoters - Transforming real estate marketing with WACTO's omni-channel platform


Guhan Builders and Promoters, a respected name in the realm of real estate development, is dedicated to fulfilling the unique demands and aspirations of its customers. Founded by six visionaries with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry, the company has been delivering exceptional service since its inception in 2005. In 2010, it took a significant step by registering as a company, solidifying its presence and commitment to excellence in construction. Over the years, Guhan Builders and Promoters have constructed numerous individual homes in and around Chennai, making a remarkable impact in the real estate sector.

Challenges faced

Faced the challenge of effectively marketing their new construction sites

Difficulty in reaching potential customers

Needed to run job campaigns to attract the right talent for their projects.

Required visibility and efficient communication with their audience.

Improving patient lives patient lives patient lives through WACTO

Increased brand visibility
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Quality leads generated
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Property queries resolved automatically
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Success of Guhan Builders and Promoters

The implementation of WACTO’s omni-channel platform brought substantial success to Guhan Builders and Promoters:

Enhanced response

The company experienced a remarkable increase in response rates from their campaigns. Their efficient communication and marketing strategies allowed them to engage with potential buyers effectively.

Improved customer satisfaction

The successful campaigns and increased visibility contributed to higher customer satisfaction. The company's proactive approach and outreach led to stronger relationships with their clients.

Revenue growth

The increased brand visibility, lead generation, and successful campaigns resulted in a noticeable boost in revenue. Guhan Builders and Promoters were able to expand their reach and business opportunities.

The solution provided by WACTO

Guhan Builders and Promoters turned to WACTO, an AI-powered omni-channel marketing platform, to address their marketing and communication challenges. Here’s how WACTO’s solution transformed their operations:

Campaign management

Ran effective marketing campaigns for their new construction sites. By reaching a wider audience and creating awareness, they could attract more potential buyers.

Increased brand visibility

As a result of their campaigns, the company's brand received significant exposure. They were able to showcase their projects, values, and opportunities to a larger audience.

Lead generation

Led to a substantial increase in lead generation, with the company receiving 900-1000 leads per month. This translated into a broader customer base and more potential buyers.