Automate Sales Growth & Customer Engagement On WhatsApp

Interact with customers in a conversational and real-time manner, with their permission, throughout their sales, marketing, and support journeys to enhance sales growth and customer engagement with the

best whatsapp chatbot for business in chennai, India.

Best WhatsApp Chatbot for Business in India
Create conversations that convert
Respect customer preferences while sending out promotions, offers, and back-in-stock alerts.,
and re-buy reminders. Send out order and booking confirmations, subscription reminders, delivery updates, and other relevant notifications.
Sell More
Sell more with WhatsApp store
Display relevant products from your catalog by using WhatsApp product messages. Share interactive
single or multi-product messages to showcase products in your inventory. Enable customers to add items to their shopping cart without the risk of outdated information, such as incorrect pricing or availability.
Customer Support
Timely one-on-one customer support

Enhance customer care by utilizing intelligent WhatsApp chatbots that can efficiently handle.

most routine inquiries. Minimize response time and operational expenses with pre-written responses and self-service flows. Smoothly transfer customers to live agents for more complicated queries or when dealing with dissatisfied customers.
WACTO’s Power

Supercharger Your Business With WACTO’s Power-Packed Features

Bulk Share Product Catalogs

Effortlessly distribute product catalogs to customers on WhatsApp by sending

them as part of campaigns and automated replies.
Automate Notification

Automate store notifications by establishing automatic alerts for cash on delivery (COD)

confirmations, shipping updates, abandoned carts, and discount offers. Sending timely reminders can lead to increased sales.
Send Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Create one-time or recurring campaigns to actively engage with customers and increase sales.

Track campaign performance and optimize them to improve conversion rates. Send bulk campaigns and broadcasts to reach a larger audience.
Collaborate Internally

Incorporate free WhatsApp widgets to your e-commerce store and collaborate with an unlimited number

of team members to provide customer support on WhatsApp at scale. Utilize team inboxes and chat widgets to enhance customer communication and streamline team collaboration.
Green Tick Verification

WACTO assists you in obtaining the green tick verification for your brand name on WhatsApp

which can help build credibility for your business.
Monitor Chat Analytics

Track the response and resolution times of your agents to enhance your overall customer experience.

Utilize chat analytics to monitor and improve the performance of your team.


WACTO is an all-inclusive communication platform developed using official WhatsApp APIs. You can now utilize a single platform for your team’s needs, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
Designed specifically for WhatsApp
Simple to set up and easy to operate
Comes with numerous built-in integrations
Enhances the overall customer experience
Improves open and response rates
Durable and dependable
Best WhatsApp Chatbot for Business in Chennai
WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in Chennai
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