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Effectively target billions of Facebook users and increase sales by providing instant comment and chat replies on posts, stories, and live streams. Utilize the intelligent tools from the

best Facebook chatbot for business solutions in Chennai, India

, to engage customers with personalized interactions, even if you do not have an additional advertising budget.

Improve the customer experience and streamline your business operations with the following features:

Improve the customer experience and streamline your business operations with the following features:

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Integrate Messenger with your website
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Integrate with your e-commerce stores
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Send automated comment and chat replies
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View purchase history and order status side-by-side for efficient customer support.
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Manage conversations from Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other platforms in one place
Automated comment chat replies

Enhance customer engagement on Facebook using an automated workflow for comments and messages on posts, stories, and live streams. Customize intelligent workflows according to various scenarios to increase the visibility of your Facebook page.

Turn Facebook conversation into customer loyalty and brand value

Integrate with Facebook Lead Ads to obtain contact information and leverage analytics to understand customer behavior. Use this information to develop a suitable strategy for your business.


Why Facebook with WACTO?

Connect Your Facebook Account To WACTO

By linking your Facebook account to WACTO, you can
Retrieve contacts and send messages promptly
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Send automated direct messages with pre-configured rules
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Access and respond to messages and comments in your team inbox

Why Integrate Facebook With WACTO?

Increase brand awareness

Improve brand recognition and visibility by initiating conversations on the most widely used social media platform. Engage with potential customers through comments and messages, and attract new leads to expand your customer base in a natural and organic way.

Broadcast personalized messages on Facebook Messenger

Easily send personalized messages through Facebook Messenger broadcasts. With just one click, you can send bulk messages to your customers while adding parameters to make the messages feel personalized, like a conversation with a friend who knows them.

Understand your

Gain insight into your customers' behavior and preferences with advanced analytics and measurement tools. Use this information to develop targeted campaigns that reach the right audience and maximize your return on investment.

Engage with loyal and potential customers

Build personalized connections with your customers and potential clients through marketing efforts that strengthen relationships. Increase engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, video views, follows, and organic reach.

Grow Your Business With Facebook Messenger Now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can either create a Facebook Business Page through a personal Facebook account or convert an existing personal Facebook Page into a Business Page. Additionally, Facebook offers a dedicated business inbox in Messenger, allowing businesses to efficiently manage and respond to customer messages. Users can also switch between their personal and business accounts within the Messenger app.
To access the Facebook Messenger Business Inbox, simply open your Messenger app and tap on your profile picture. Then, switch to the account for which you want to open the Business Inbox.
To link your Facebook Business account to WACTO, you will require a Facebook account and a Facebook Page. If you haven already created a Facebook Page for your business, you can refer to the detailed instructions provided by Facebook.

Absolutely, you can access your latest conversations, and for previous ones, they will only appear once the contact sends a new message to you.