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With WACTO Turn Your Followers Into Paying Customers

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best Instagram chatbot for business in Chennai, India

to Harness the potential of a sophisticated AI chatbot to interact with your followers, increase sales, and promote related products or services without any hassle.
Respond to Mentions Instantly

Initiate a chat by reacting to a Story or reply to any user who has tagged your account in a Story or Reel.

Automate Responses

Automatically reply to comments on Instagram posts and activate personalized messages for individual users through automation.

Connect to Live Agents

The live chat feature can be utilized by an unlimited number of agents to engage in one-on- one conversations with users on Instagram.

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Elevate Your Instagram Strategy With WACTO

Instantly create engagement with your brand ambassadors
Respond to Mentions Instantly
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Automate Responses
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Connect to Live Agents

Increase Your Marketing ROI

Enhance your marketing ROI through two-way conversations by setting up click-to-chat ads that are automated, capturing leads and nurturing prospects right from the moment theyn discover you. Make the decision-making process easier for potential customers by promptly answering their product queries on sponsored posts and stories. Boost the reach of your posts by integrating automated messaging into campaigns and contests.

Grow Sales With Conversational Commerce

Transform commerce into a conversational experience to increase sales. Save sales bandwidth by using automated upsell and cross-sell recommendations along with pre-built answers. Leverage rich templates and engaging carousels to convert customer intent into purchases. Prevent drop-offs caused by redirection by enabling purchases and payments to be made within Instagram DMs.

Improve CSAT With Instant Support Within Instagram

Boost your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) by providing immediate support within Instagram itself. Offer post purchase assistance, track orders, process returns, and transfer conversations to live agents all within Instagram. Respond to public post comments and story mentions privately. Optimize your costs and decrease customer wait time by integrating support chatbots within Instagram DMs.

Let’s Empower Your Instagram To Increase Your Sales And Generate Higher ROI

Avoid delayed responses, automate instant replies to resolve customer queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

To facilitate effective and efficient resolution.
The Instagram Messenger API enables businesses to create intimate connections with their followers and users on the platform. It allows businesses to engage in one-on-one conversations, with the help of programmed responses to frequently asked questions, or even personalized conversations. By integrating with existing tools and data, the API helps manage peak volumes. The API uses conversational AI from WACTO, making application to-person (A2P) conversations more natural, enabling businesses to deliver a human-like experience at every stage of the customer journey.
Yes, by using WACTO, you can integrate your current live support system with your Instagram chatbots. This will enable you to smoothly transition users to a live agent when they request it or when their inquiries are too complicated for a chatbot to handle.
You can integrate your Instagram DM chatbot with your Instagram ads, allowing for prompt responses to user queries while they are in the process of making a purchase.
The Instagram Messenger API supports various media formats including text, stickers, images in jpg, png, ico, and bmp formats, with a size limit of less than 8MB. Additionally, it also supports product and generic template carousels with up to 10 items, including titles, subtitles, images, and up to 3 buttons. However, the API currently does not support any kind of attachments.
The Instagram API permits businesses to respond to messages initiated by users. Within 24 hours of the user last message, businesses can send an unlimited number of messages. However, after 24 hours of the user's last message, businesses are not allowed to send any more messages.
Yes, with the Instagram Messenger API, you can configure your Instagram chatbot to automatically respond to comments, story mentions, story replies, and direct messages from users via a private reply on DM.