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Automate Your Customer Support With India’s #1 Conversational Engagement Platform

Minimize the number of customer support tickets and

enhance customer care with conversational AI

by utilizing chatbots and voice bots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to address a majority of inquiries. For remaining issues, direct customers to live agents through various channels, including web, messaging, and voice.

Deliver Intuitive Self-Serve And Relevant Recommendations

Make Customer Support Self-Serve
Enable customers to help themselves through self-service support options, available 24/7. This reduces the cost of operations while maintaining the quality of support provided to customers.
Turn Customer Care Into A Revenue Center

Transform support into a revenue-generating center by offering relevant upsell and cross-sell recommendations to customers. These recommendations as intent and profile, creating sales opportunities for the business.

CSAT With First Contact Resolution

This can be achieved by prioritizing and automating assignment, and intelligently routing queries to the most appropriate agent based on various factors such as query type, content, customer type, source, and more.

24/7 Student Support For Query Resolution

omnichannel customer service solutions

Automate Your Customer Query Responses
And Complex Actions Alike

Leverage the power of AI assistants to answer queries
Utilize AI-powered assistants to respond to customer inquiries. These assistants can automatically determine the intent behind the customer question and provide precise answers immediately.
Make call centers more efficient
Enhance the efficiency of call centers by implementing voice deflection to divert customers from making calls. This results in improved efficiency, faster fulfillment, and higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings.
Resolve repetitive issues
at scale

Automate the process of managing online and social reputation by leveraging technology. Automatically analyze the sentiment of customer feedback and respond appropriately to social media mentions, while also directing complex issues to live agents for resolution.

Automate online & social reputation management

Automate the process of managing online technology. Automatically analyze the sentiment of customer feedback and respond appropriately to social media mentions, while also directing complex issues to live agents for resolution.

Enhance Your Agent Experience With A Unified Inbox

To facilitate effective and efficient resolution.
Collaborate To Resolve Multifaceted Issues

Facilitate the resolution of complex customer issues by enabling agents to work  collaboratively as a team. They can request assistance, use canned responses, or transfer inquiries to other team members who are better equipped to handle the complex queries.

Empower agents with a single unified inbox

Provide agents with a unified inbox to enhance their capabilities. This enables streamlined management of omnichannel conversations from various sources like social media, website, and messaging platforms. As a esult, agents can communicate more efficiently and provide faster and more relevant responses to customers.

Boost productivity with real-time data assistance

Improve productivity by providing agents with real-time assistance. This includes access to the customer's historical conversation feed, enabling agents to gain context into the customer journey. Additionally, agents can analyze customer sentiment and scan for similar queries to facilitate effective and efficient resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Conversational support provides customers with faster resolutions to their queries, reducing wait times significantly. Based on a customer survey, we observed an average increase of 15.67% in the CSAT score after implementing conversational support.
Conversational support can be offered across various messaging and communication channels. Some commonly used channels for conversational support include voice, WhatsApp, website, app, and email.

Customer support represents a significant portion of operating costs for banks. However, with conversational support, up to 85% of banking support can be automated. Major banks are using popular use cases like blocking credit cards, downloading statements, and reversing payments to streamline their support operations.

Our solution can effectively automate responses to routine queries, managing up to 80-90% of the incoming volumes. Moreover, during peak hours, our engine can prioritize queries and route them intelligently to available agents based on predefined criteria, resulting in efficient resolutions and minimized customer wait times.
In eCommerce, common use cases include checking shipping status, offering live assistance on the website or app, facilitating returns and refunds, and more.