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Send Images
Send Videos
Send audios
Receive feedbacks from users
Send recurring notifications
Remainder campaign
Send Document
Send Forms
Upload file from user
Web view node (payment integrations)
Google calendar
Google sheet
Salesforce integration
Multi language support
SMS integration
Google analytics
Google translate

Free 1,000 conversations per month across all plans

A conversation is defined as the messages sent within the 24-hour session window.

₹ 1500/mo for every additional channel

(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Kik, Slack, LINE)

Additional LIVE CHAT License -₹ 1500/Mo

( Now, you can chat with your customers LIVE across all OMNI channels to resolve their queries )

Mastering Message Templates: Guidelines and Best Practices

Grow your business efficiently with the power of text using Nettyfish’s comprehensive template guide. Learn the guidelines and best practices for effective WhatsApp communication.

Deliver delightful experiences on all channels

Leverage our high-scale, conversational AI platform. Engage your customers with frictionless & personalized journeys.

Get Your 7 Days Free Trial!


Get Your 7 Days Free Trial!

We offer a very competitive pricing for our omnichannel marketing solution that comes with comprehensive features to automate you business. With WACTO you can create your own customized omnichannel marketing solution with your desired features to increase customer engagement by automatically responding to their messages on the channel they are.
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An Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform that can do Everything!

Drive brand loyalty and increase customer engagement with our automated well-timed, relevant, personal, and contextual messages.
Our Best Features


Business Plan has Google sheet and Google calendar integration. In Professional plan you do not get that feature. Also in Professional plan we give 2 channels but in Business plan we offer 3 channels.
In enterprises plan, we offer SMS integration and We do not charge for any CRM integrations if any.

Only a single number can be connected to a bot. 

No, its not possible. Its only possible to connect a number to a bot.
Yes , Only in business and enterprises Plan that feature is available,
No, Meta does not permit to use WhatsApp Business App after connecting it with an API.
1000. It can organically be increased by tiring system.
We offer 1000 conversations Free every month. More than that a user has to pay for it.

MAU’s or the Monthly Active Users are basically all the unique user which would be present on any  given month. 

Say for instance I interact with your bot in the month of January then I become a single MAU for the  month of January. 

MTD is Month To Date which means that from the start of the month to the current date how many  MAU’s have come on your platform. 

So for example today is 20th of January; so from 1st of January to 20th how many MAU’s have been  created is something which can be viewed.

If it is for a specific bot then you can go ahead and view it by clicking on the bot > configuration >  deployment > edit settings on WhatsApp as a channel > account settings. 

If it is in terms of the entire account we could go ahead and share the credits utilised by an account. For  this you could initiate a separate thread where I can loop in my billing team for it

A conversation is defined as the messages sent within the 24-hour session window. A conversation or session starts when the first message from a business is delivered. There are two types of pricing based on the initiation of the conversation: a. Business-initiated conversation pricing b. User-initiated conversation pricing
Your billing period on WACTO begins once your WhatsApp API number is registered for your business account. For further assistance with billing, payments, and refunds contact: wecare@wacto.in

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