A Secure Way to Send OTP: Learn How to Send OTP on WhatsApp


A Secure Way To Send OTP: Learn How To Send OTP On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a widely used communication platform worldwide. It offers secure communication, making it an excellent option for businesses to send one-time passwords (OTPs) to their customers. OTPs are vital for verifying transactions and logins. While SMS OTP authentication is commonly used, it is not as safe as sending encrypted OTPs on WhatsApp. When you send OTP via WhatsApp, it gets encrypted, ensuring that only the intended recipient can view the message. This is one of the safest ways to minimize fraud, spam, and trojan attacks.

WhatsApp Business API is a WhatsApp Business solution launched by WhatsApp in 2018. Unlike the WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp APIs allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to integrate their systems with WhatsApp. Once your business number gets approved for WhatsApp Business APIs, you can integrate it with your CRM to send automated OTP messages and reminders directly to your customers via WhatsApp.

Using the WhatsApp Business API has several benefits, including the ability to send OTPs, start a WhatsApp broadcast, integrate a WhatsApp chatbot on your number, contact management, and a multi-agent customer support dashboard. There are two ways to send OTPs on WhatsApp: using a shared number or a dedicated number.

To send OTP using a shared number, you can sign up with the best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider such as WACTO that offers this feature. WACTO allows you to send OTPs using shared numbers. To send OTPs via a shared number, you can follow these steps:

● Sign up for an account with WACTO.

● Navigate to the API Docs to learn about the /sendTemplateMessage API.

● Use the API from your code to trigger the OTP to the user's number.

WACTO provides a trial account with a limit to the number of OTP messages you can send. If you need to send more OTP messages, you can buy credits to send OTPs on WhatsApp.

To send OTP’s using a dedicated number, you must apply for WhatsApp API approval on the same number. Upon approval, you can send OTP messages directly from that number that supports two-way communication. The setup time is approximately 30 minutes if Facebook Business Manager is verified, but it may take 1-3 weeks depending on the business verification progress by the Facebook Official Team.

To send OTP messages using WhatsApp APIs with a dedicated number, you need a WhatsApp phone number that should not have an existing WhatsApp account, a business display name that should have a clear relationship with your business, and a verified Facebook Business Manager ID by uploading business documents. Once your account is approved, you can follow the steps below to send OTP messages:

● Submit a template for approval on the Broadcast page on the WACTO dashboard.

● Template format: Your one-time verification pin/code is {{OTP}}.

● Wait for the template to be approved. The approval time typically takes between 10-30 minutes.

● Use the send template message API to trigger the one-time verification code.

That’s it. Now you can send your customers OTPs directly on WhatsApp. If you require further assistance, you can contact the support team for help.

Benefits of Sending OTP via WhatsApp

Sending OTP via WhatsApp has several advantages. Here’s a few:

● Security: WhatsApp OTP is a secure way of authentication, and it ensures that only the authorized user can access the account. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access and protects the user's privacy.

● Instant Delivery: WhatsApp messages are delivered instantly, and you can be sure that the recipient will receive the OTP code promptly. This helps in avoiding delays and ensures that the verification process is completed quickly.

● User-Friendly: WhatsApp is a user-friendly app, and sending OTP via WhatsApp is a hassle-free process. You don't need to download any additional apps or follow any complicated procedures. It's easy and convenient.

● Cost-Effective: Sending OTP via WhatsApp is a cost-effective way of authentication. It doesn't require any additional expenses, and you can send as many OTP codes as you want without any extra charges.

● Reliable: WhatsApp is a reliable app, and you can be sure that your message will be delivered to the recipient. It works on all smartphones, and you don't need to worry about compatibility issues.