ETHIX - Transforming healthcare with WACTO's omni-channel marketing platform


ETHIX, a group of companies with a noble mission, was founded in India with the primary objective of improving the lives of patients by providing life-saving products at affordable prices. What began as a small marketing firm in 2000 has since evolved into a multifaceted organization, encompassing pharmaceutical manufacturing. ETHIX’s unwavering commitment to bettering patients’ lives is evident through its continuous expansion of product offerings and dedication to research and development.

Vision of ETHIX

To be an advanced technology and research-based healthcare product manufacturing and marketing organization. They aspire to establish a strong presence in the international market by delivering top-quality, life-saving drugs and healthcare products at prices accessible to all.

Improving patient lives patient lives patient lives through WACTO

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Success of ETHIX

The implementation of WACTO’s omni-channel marketing platform brought substantial success to ETHIX:

Enhanced response

ETHIX experienced a remarkable increase in response rates from their customers as we automated and streamlined their customer inquiries promptly and efficiently.

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved mode of communication translated higher customer satisfaction, as their queries and concerns were handled effectively.

Increased leads and

ETHIX received almost 800-900 leads and queries every month, a testament to the impact of WACTO's solution on their business.

The solution provided by WACTO

ETHIX turned to WACTO, an AI-powered omni-channel marketing platform, to address their communication challenges. Here’s how WACTO transformed ETHIX’s operations:

Automated business conversations

Allowed ETHIX to automate their business conversations and efficiently handle inquiries, orders, and customer interactions, reducing response times and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increased customer responses

ETHIX observed a significant increase in customer responses. They were able to engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently, resulting in improved satisfaction and trust.

Revenue growth

WACTO's automation of order-related queries and streamlined communication led to a substantial increase in revenue and local market for ETHIX.