G Krishna Naturals – Reviving Traditions with WACTO&WhatsApp API Solution

G Krishna Naturals - Reviving traditions with WACTO's WhatsApp API solution


G Krishna Naturals, also known as GK Traders, is on a mission to revive ancient traditions that date back 5000 years. With a deep commitment to preserving the wisdom of our forefathers, they have created a range of self-care products inspired by tradition. These products are rooted in the essence of nature, crafted from gently distilled traditional herbs. In an era marred by pollutants and harsh chemicals in self-care products, G Krishna Naturals sought to harness the pure, authentic, organic, and natural goodness that their products offer.

Goals of GK Traders

G Krishna Naturals aimed to market their tradition-inspired self-care products using WhatsApp. They envisioned a way to disseminate messaging campaigns that would resonate with a broader audience while staying true to their tradition-inspired brand. Additionally, the company desired a centralized dashboard for customer assistance, enabling seamless collaboration among their customer service representatives.

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Success and achievements of G Krishna Naturals

The implementation of WACTO’s solution resulted in remarkable successes for G Krishna Naturals:

Expanded reach

Reaching a larger target audience, leading to increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Enhanced customer engagement

Led to higher response rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Streamlined customer support

Allowed all representatives to work seamlessly, significantly improving response times and overall client communication.

The solution provided by WACTO

WACTO, an AI-powered omni-channel marketing platform, came to the rescue of G Krishna Naturals. The key elements of the solution included:

WhatsApp broadcast feature

Utilized the WhatsApp broadcast feature to send personalized offers and updates to numerous contacts simultaneously, expanding their reach significantly.

Chatbot integration

Enabled customers to buy products directly from the channel they were present in, making conversations more customer-friendly.

Centralized customer assistance

A centralized dashboard to collaborate efficiently and handle all client communications.

WhatsApp business API integration

WhatsApp Business API allowed multiple logins, simplifying customer communication and query handling.